Black Butler: 10 Things You Did Not Learn About Alois Trancy

Usually, he was seen to be cheerful, but within the subsequent moment, he was indignant and resentful. Alois was additionally very difficult to entertain as he at all times lost curiosity in every thing after a quick while. The only topic he enjoyed discussing in great length was killing Sebastian.

In season two of the anime… Jim Macken is one of the youngsters who’s taken in by the former Earl Trancy. His little brother is Luka Macken, the child who made a contract with Hannah and had their old village destroyed by hearth. I attempt to not put an excessive amount of thought into S2 of the anime, because it was apparently not written by Yana-san, and the characters weren’t created by her, either. It’s extra like a fanfic created by someone on the anime workers (a character designer, right?), and it got the “green light”. There are a few things that might have brought on the child’s dying, however what I feel is the most probably, is that the Earl of Trancy killed his infant son by mistake. Before being taken in by the Earl Trancy, The boy we all know as Alois was born ‘Jim Macken’.